LOTO Plant & Machinery Lockout KIT (AK- KIT-207)

Product Code - AK- KIT-207

Lockout Station without devices, Padlock- Long & Regular shackle with deelectric ABS cover. Electroplated HASP Premier x 2 - metallic material, electroplated-jaw, Multi Device HASPx2- made of Nylon, 8 holes. Push Lockout- made of poly propylene-Material in two parts. Gate valve lockout x 2 Ball Valve lockout- double legs- x 2 Universal Circuit breaker lockout devices- with self adjustable screw. Universal multi device lockout for cylinder Isolation. Ball Valve lockout- Long length- made of polypropylene material- UV Multipurpose Electrical Panel Lockout+ straight Bar for ACB/ Push button. Electrical panel lockout x 2- multi devices Multipurpose cable lockout - scissor shape ABS Material in two parts having.

Round Multipurpose cable lockout made of ABS material. Breaker Lockout kit for (480-600) pre-adhesive rail- no drilling require. Pin Out/Pin in/Pin out wide Circuit Breaker Lockout (set of 3) - made of five parts. Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout With Screw (Set of 4)- Made of ABS material. De-electric HASP - plastic material with UV colour in two parts inserts. CD/DVD Maker Pen (Black, Red, Green). Tags - rewritable plastic material

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